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Forms for Temporary Guardianship of Related Minor Child

You can now use the same forms to request permanent, temporary, and even emergency guardianship. 

Petitions for guardianship of a minor are usually filed in the District Court where the child lives. This link directs you to a list of contact information for each district court. 

However, if there is already a pending custody case in another court, or if another court has already issued custody orders for the child, then you must file the Petition in that court. This makes sure that different courts do not issue conflicting orders.

Important Note:  Sometimes a juvenile dependency court awards custody instead of a district court. If a juvenile court has issued custody orders, or if there is a custody issue pending before a juvenile court, then go here for more information.

Disclaimer: Not all forms may apply to your situation. Only a lawyer can give you advice about your specific case. Click here for help finding an lawyer.

Court-approved Minor Guardianship formsFollow this link to the Wyoming Judicial Branch website and go to "Family Law" forms